Terms & Conditions

Exclusive Rights Terms & Conditions

When you purchase any instrumental you acquire the exclusive rights to the instrumental, which in turn can be used for any purpose including but not limited too; Singles, Albums, Demo’s, Mixtapes, Websites, Videos, Soundtracks, Tv,  the same conditions whether the release is physical or digital.  There is no limits on the amount of sales all I ask is to simply Credit me for the Instrumental Production (NVS, Die By The Mic Entertainment) If at any time there is a need for Sample Clearances it is the Buyer’s responsibility to do so and is not included in the Purchase.
I believe in originality as that is key to standing out in the crowd therefore all instrumentals are taken down once purchased and sealed in the vault. I keep all my session files so if any changes or adjustments are needed just simply ask, under no circumstance are you allowed to alter or resell the instrumental(s).